How to Restore Your Residential House after a Natural Disaster?

How to Restore Your Residential House after a Natural Disaster?

Those who at least once faced a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or a severe thunderstorm, understand how significant damage it can cause. So even if you and all of your family members did not get any injuries during the storm, restoration of your residential property will take a lot of your nerves and money. If the damages of your house are too serious and it is dangerous for you and your family to be there, you need to find a place to live for the period of the restoration process.

In case your residential house got water and wind damages after a natural disaster, the wisest decision will be to call a professional restoration company, which teams of technical specialists have specific knowledge, equipment, and practice.

How to Safely Clean Up Your Property after Storm?

Most homeowners after a natural disaster try to start the cleaning process of damaged property by themselves. As more significant damages got the residential house, as more dangerous it is to clean it up by yourself. That is why we prepare a list of safety tips that you should follow during the cleaning process in your house after the storm:

  • If there are any fallen or loose power lines, keep as far as possible from them;
  • Do not use tap water from your house for drinking, washing wounds, etc., before utility service companies check it and confirm that it is clean and safe;
  • In case the temperature in the refrigerator has risen above forty degrees for more than two hours, do not eat food from it;
  • Do not enter into or even come close to structures that are surrounded by floodwater;
  • Use personal protective clothing with a respirator, coveralls, boots, gloves, and protective glasses;
  • Be careful outdoors because of loose tree branches, harmful debris, and fallen building materials;
  • Do not drive without urgent need and stay out of washed-out bridges and flooded roads.

How to Restore the Residential House after Storm?

The first thing that needs to be done once the storm is over and it is safe to go outside, is to take as many photos and videos of damaged property as possible. All of these photos and videos will be your evidence during the process of claiming your insurance company for compensation.

During the restoration process follow the following advice to make everything right and do not forget anything:

  • In the case of any portion of your residential house requires the rebuilding, it will be wise to take into account in the project additional storm protection;
  • In case you do not have a possibility to perform permanent structural repairs right away, start with temporary repairs, but keep in mind scheduling permanent one as soon as possible;
  • If you do not have specific knowledge about the residential house restoration process, it will be wise not to try to do it by yourself. Do not hesitate to call professionals to get a fast and successful result of the restoration works;
  • Put your safety and safety of your family members in the first place. Do not try to clean up or repair anything while the storm is still raging. Do not go outside, get out on the roof, or go to overcrowded stores when the situation is not safe because of a natural disaster.
  • Remember that it is totally natural that losing possessions and the home leads to an emotional and mental toll. you will need time to return yourself back to normal.

In case your residential house in Illinois requires restoration works after water and wind damages caused by a natural disaster, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration, and our specialists will help you to handle it. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.