Saving House from Flood

Saving House from Flood

The reasons for flood damaging your house can be different: rainstorms, rising groundwater, appliances leaking, and many others. Nevertheless, the eliminating of its consequences is a challenging task and never can be done solely. For such purposes, you might need to involve the professional team, like for example Signature Water and Fire Restoration in Illinois. The advantages connected to hiring qualified professionals comes down to their experience and specific equipment for this kind of work.

Another reason does not hesitate to request for third party services is the time factor, which plays against you. The average time till the unfixed damage happens is 48 hours, so the faster you react to the less adverse consequences you’ll have.

24-Hours Guide

The best results in water flood damage consequences elimination are achieved during the first 24 hours, Fast reaction helps to prevent mold growth and avoid contamination spreading. The following actions are required to be performed on the first day.

Care the safety – the first thing to be done is turning off the power and noticing utility company about the incident. The main point is to avoid any contact between electricity and flood.

Take care of evidence – if you plan to request your insurance company for the compensation you should evidence the damage and make respective pics or even video for providing them to the insurance inspectors. The more you’ll evidence the more you will be able to request for further compensation.

Mold prevention – mold starts to appear after the first 24 hours from the flooding. It’s impossible to handle the issue by yourself, but what can you do is to call experts for help in water removal and drying the space from moisture. Call Signature Water and Fire Restoration as fast as its possible, so mold will have no chances to grow.

Identify Possible Consequences of Flood and Take Respective Actions

Any type of flood is dangerous. It doesn’t matter what was the reason plumbing malfunctions, natural disasters, or flash floods. The consequences can be harmful not only for the property but for the health of people living in a damaged place. Thus, the actions to fight consequences should be taken immediately.

Handling contaminants – contaminants may appear when a flood is caused by black or even grey water, so respective precautions should be taken. Apply personal protective equipment before starting to remove the water and ensure it contains all respective units: respirators, gloves, and boots.

Property protection – to stop damage and don’t allow it to affect more property seal off the area where the trouble happened. For example, seal off doors and broken windows, so damage will not go through them.

Invite experts for further help – the flood damage has dangerous and significant effects, which cannot be handled solely without professional equipment and expertise. For such purposes, the best decision is to request services from the local restoration team, like Signature Water and Fire Restoration in Illinois. They’re able to dry the space quickly and restore the damaged property in a proper way, so you can use it is the same manner as before the incident.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration works 24/7 and ready to come for help at any time you need. Call us 1-224-515-0100 for help and respective consultancies.